Most common problems


1Slow Connection
Speed and latency depends on what geographic area you connecting to.
Example a user in Thailand that connect to a server in Scandinavia will experience bandwidth as low as 2 to 10 mbps.
Internet infrastructure is complex, and everything depends on agreements between Internet providers and fiber-length.
Connecting to a local server will should give you a speed up to what you have at home.
One other factor can be your machine or mobile. openvpn can just use one cpu core, so if you have a low clocked cpu this can affect the bandwidth.
2Unable to connect
If you are behind a firewall that blocks openvpn we recommend that you change protocoll to IKEv2 or try another client.
Our native clients have a HTTPS API that IPS firewalls are able to block. This API is used for downloading the serverlist and a few other functions.
In this case go to connect and follow "openvpn for Windows 10, Android or IOS".
3Blocked from China
If you are blocked in China please contact our support. We have a special configuration for users that experience this.
4Netflix (and other streaming-services) does not work
Netflix and other are forced to block users that connect from VPN services.
We often change our IP adresses to buypass these filters, but we see more and more often that netflix (and other) are have effective methods to ban us again.
We do our best to stay under the radar.
5Cannot access website
If the website give error message that its "unreachable" it is possible that our web-filter is blocking it. Please contact support to confirm this.


1Error message Unable to login
Make sure that you have the correct username (your registered email) and password. Client and have the same login.
2Error message Connecting spinning. Not feedback in GUI
If you have logged in but you are not able to connect it can be a problem with your TAP driver. TAP is your virtual network card we use to connect to Borderless VPN. Reinstall the OPENVPN package found at our download overview
3Unable to connect after login
In some cases the password need to be changed. We do multiple logins (one for the GUI, and reauthenticate every time your change server), and in some cases special characters is not permitted. Try to change your password to one without special characters.
4Update servers
If you miss any servers log out and log in again. Every time you login the serverlist will refresh.
5DNS leak can show if you are leaking DNS.
If this is the case it it possible that you have static dns-servers on your machine. If this does not solve the dns-leak please contact support.
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