1. Scope of policy

a. The terms apply to users to Borderless AS affiliate program.. This applies, but is not limited to, the content service or applications that originate from Borderless AS.
b. Users of the Services, regardless of Product, agree to the Terms.
c. The user is responsible for keeping up to date on the terms.
d. Terms and conditions may be changed without notice.
e. Users who do not approve terms must terminate the service immediately.

2. Webside

a. Borderless AS`s website uses Google Analytic to collect and analyze traffic. This is done by using cookies. Google collect information as user-agent, language, where the traffic originate from and referring website.
c. We log by default webserver infomation, like visited sites and ip-addresses
b. None of these data is matched upon information Borderless AS holds in their database. We are not able to identify, and match IP with username.

2. Payment

a. Borderless AS does not store any payment information in our database
b. All payment is done by either by Paypal, Inc or Stripe, Inc

3. Mail

a. When signing up to Borderless AS affiliate program you accept that we can add you to our mailinglist.
b. Borderless AS uses Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group) to handle this function.
c. Subscribers can anytime unsubscribe from mailing-list. This is done with a link in the email.
d. Borderless AS will never send advertising. Will only be used to inform about changes in product (e.g new functions in application, or new nodes).
e. Borderless AS will not share or sell information based on this mailing-list.

4. Affiliate

a. Borderless AS provides a affiliate website that users can track refereed customers, unpaid commissions, and payed commission.
b. Payouts exclude VAT and other public fees.
c. Payouts is based on the price end customer pay, not list price advertised on website
d. If a refereed customer cancel the service within 14 days the commission will be canceled.
e. Payout date will be 1st every month, earlies 14 days after signup for a refered customer. .
f. Affiliates will not be able to contact, or see direct contact infomation to refered customer.
g. Minimum amount for transfer is $20 USD.
h. The affiliate need to report payments to their own government and pay taxes if needed according to national policy.

8. Changes in policy

a. This policy can be updated without notifying the customer at any time.

This policy was edited 08.07.2019
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